Early Pediatric Nasal Reconstruction Utilizing the Tagliacozzi Flap


Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, October 2019, Volume 30 (7), p 2073–2075

The Tagliacozzi cross arm flap has been historically described for repair of large nasal defects. The authors report what we believe is the youngest case in modern literature of nasal reconstruction with a Tagliacozzi flap, in a 6-year-old girl. Due to her poor face and scalp skin quality, the more modern reconstructive options of a forehead flap or free tissue transfer were not deemed suitable. Two delay procedures and a complex splint were required to position the medial arm fasciocutaneous flap over the nasal construct. The arm was immobilized for 3 weeks to allow for vascularization of the recipient bed. The child successfully tolerated the splint. She has improved breathing and nasal contour.

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